About Us: Charlottesville SmartSpace

Charlottesville SmartSpace brings the latest communication technology available anywhere in Virginia directly to our conference center. We are literally your virtual bridge to the entire world. Through affiliated sites, we are networked with over 3,000 compatible videoconference centers in the United States and many countries overseas.

It is now possible to avoid the time and expense of traveling for many business and personal meetings. Many of our clients conduct personnel interviews using our Intel Team Station camera equipment and our 50-inch gas plasma monitor, with clear, sharp video and audio quality. "Distance learning" has never been easier. We can give you access to "Video on Demand" libraries, where you are able to pick from a wide variety of instructional presentations. Attorneys can very economically take depositions remotely via our equipment. There is even an on-line court reporting service. Doctors can access streaming video broadcasts of live surgical procedures in real time from sites hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The practical applications of our technology are almost limitless.

Come join us in the comfort of our well-appointed conference facilities, and let us introduce you to the future of telecommunications today.